About the Podcast

Based in Brooklyn, the 3 Bourbons podcast creates a fun and relaxed forum for entrepreneurs, technologist, artists, public policy experts and other all-around interesting people, to combine their love of whiskey with passionate and insightful conversations about current topics in the world of technology, politics, and pop culture.  Join us for a drink, you might learning something, you might not, but at least it will be fun.


Episode 12: Blood Shrimp, Exceptionalism, Phone Addiction

Aquaculture Scientist, Steve Sutton, returns to the show to discuss the dark world of shrimp farming, the impossible life struggle between exceptionalism and wholeness, and the cell phone addiction consuming this generation.     From the bar: Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky, Templeton Rye, Trader Joe’s Highlands Single Malt 12yr On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Steve Sutton …

Episode 11: SpaceX, 1-for-1 Businesses, Gun Control

Tech entrepreneur, Ben Lamson, rejoins the show to discuss the recent SpaceX rocket launch, controversial 1-for-1 business models, and to weigh in on the heated gun control debate following the Stoneman Douglass High School shooting.   From the bar: Wild Turkey 17yr, Widow Jane, Infinity Bottle On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Ben Lamson Listen on iTunes: Here

Episode 10: American Journalist in Paris – French Stereotypes, Le Donald, #balancetonporc

American television journalist, Charli James, joins to discuss her popular blog “Am I FrenchYet?”, which chronicles her recent move to Paris and demystifies many french stereotypes.  We also discuss the French reaction to Trump and their own version of the #metoo movement known as #balancetonporc. From the bar: Abelour Highland Single Malt (scotch), Four Roses “Yellow …


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