Episode 12: Blood Shrimp, Exceptionalism, Phone Addiction

Aquaculture Scientist, Steve Sutton, returns to the show to discuss the dark world of shrimp farming, the impossible life struggle between exceptionalism and wholeness, and the cell phone addiction consuming this generation.



From the bar: Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky, Templeton Rye, Trader Joe’s Highlands Single Malt 12yr

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Steve Sutton

Video: Do you want to have a life or be exceptional? – Jordon Peterson

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Episode 11: SpaceX, 1-for-1 Businesses, Gun Control

Tech entrepreneur, Ben Lamson, rejoins the show to discuss the recent SpaceX rocket launch, controversial 1-for-1 business models, and to weigh in on the heated gun control debate following the Stoneman Douglass High School shooting.


From the bar: Wild Turkey 17yr, Widow Jane, Infinity Bottle

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Ben Lamson

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Episode 10: American Journalist in Paris – French Stereotypes, Le Donald, #balancetonporc

American television journalist, Charli James, joins to discuss her popular blog “Am I FrenchYet?”, which chronicles her recent move to Paris and demystifies many french stereotypes.  We also discuss the French reaction to Trump and their own version of the #metoo movement known as #balancetonporc.

From the bar: Abelour Highland Single Malt (scotch), Four Roses “Yellow Label”, Menorval Prestige Calvados (brandy)

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Charli James

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Episode 9: Net Neutrality, Crypto Update, Russiagate Scandal

Technologist and entrepreneur Ben Lamson returns to the show to discuss the Net Neutrality controversy, the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency since the show’s first episode, and the Trump Russiagate scandal.




From the bar: Rittenhouse Rye, Sazerac Rye, Wild Turkey Rye

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Ben Lamson

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Episode 8: Sex Scandals, Two-party Politics, Startup Life

Ep_009_CoverPic.jpgColombian biomedical engineer and pet industry entrepreneur, Natalia Tovar, joins the show to discuss the #metoo movement, debate the American two-party political system, and share what she has learned on her startup journey.

From the bar: Van Brunt Stillhouse Single Malt Whiskey, James E. Pepper 1776 Straight Rye Whiskey, Tuthilltown Spirits Cacao Liqueur

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Natalia Tovar

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Episode 7: Fish – Farming, Conservation, Fraud

Aquaculture scientist, Steve Sutton, joins the show to debate the benefits of fish farming, share insights on the current state of the world’s wild fish populations, and discuss some alarming new studies indicating that the fish you ate might not have been the fish you ordered.


From the bar: Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Steve Sutton (Instagram: @ssutton61)

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Episode 5: Hunting, NFL Anthem Kneeling, Real Estate

Military veteran and entrepreneur, Brian Lucas, joins to discuss his recent elk hunting trip in Colorado, the NFL anthem kneeling controversy, and the latest real estate boom.




From the bar: Evan Williams, Michter’s Rye (whiskey), Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye (whiskey)

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Brian Lucas (Instagram: @blukeusa)

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Episode 4: Cloud Computing, “What the Health”, Paul Manafort

Eric and Ben demystify Cloud Computing, discuss the popular pro-vegan documentary “What the Health”, and dissect the mysterious political figure, Paul Manafort, while enjoying 3 new bourbons all over 100 proof.




From the bar: Old Grand-Dad Bottled in Bond, Old Weller Antique 107, Four Roses Private Selection Single Barrel

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Ben Lamson

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Episode 3: American Incarceration, Genetic Manipulation, Glamping

Eric welcomes the show’s first guest, public policy expert Samuel Thomas, and together they enjoy Bourbons from their college years, while discussing the American incarceration epidemic, the future of genetic manipulation, and the glamping phenomenon.



From the bar: Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Bulleit Bourbon

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Samuel Thomas

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Episode 2: Amazon, Paying NCAA Athletes, Trump’s Pardon of Sheriff Joe

Ben & Eric enjoy 3 new whiskeys while discussing the shocking dominance of Amazon, whether college football players should be paid, and the impact of Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.




From the bar: Rowan’s Creek, High West Bourye (whiskey), Michter’s 10 Year Old Single Barrel

On the mic: Eric Amstutz & Ben Lamson

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